So after another head gasket blew in my old caddy I am moving my system over to a '98 GMC Safari Van (Astro-ish van):

-Old eclipse head unit - forget the model - has front, back, and non-fader outs and have an aux in for my ipod
-JBL components for the front (P26T tweeters w/crossovers and an old set of 6.5" woofers w/o crossover) powered with a 240Wrms JBL amp (run the amp with its high pass filter set just above the sub). Also going to throw on low pass coils on the 6.5"s to try them out.
-Old rockford fosgate legacy enclosure with 2x8" woofers that were recently refoamed powered by an old USAMPS150 that I run bridged on it.
-Whatever factory rear speakers are in there now - going to just jack them over off the internal HU amp

I am thinking it'll sound much better than it did in the caddy with all the carpet and seats and such for sound deadening. I was planning on just putting the sub behind the bench seat in the trunk. Does anybody have any suggestions before I throw it all in?