I recently purchased a 1990 Mercedes 300CE 2-door coupe. The car itself is beautiful and an absolute dream to drive. The sound system is a different story. Absolute crap. I will be putting in a completely new system. Head Unit, Speakers, Amp(s) and Sub so my cash is going quick.

Let me preface this by saying I am not a hardcore audio guy, I just want a nice sounding system.

My main area of difficulty is with the speakers. The factory cutouts are 4” both front (in the dash) and rear. Yes, 4” all around. So I am kicking around ideas, and now I am looking to you salty dogs for help.

My first thought was to put a decent size speaker on the door and just have a 4” for rear filler. That has been poo-pooed because apparently all the wiring and motor for the electric window is right where there is the only open place on the door. This will also be a money issue because I am then looking at major labor money, and I want to put the money into the equipment, not the labor.

--Q-logic does not make a Q-form kick panel for my model/year and the universal Q-form is bigger than the flat surface area I have to work with.--

I then thought to have cutouts on the back dash to put a bigger speaker. The problem there is the rear headrests fold down, so there is a groove on the back dash. It looks like a wave or an “S”. The surface isn’t flat and there really isn’t a spot to place a larger speaker. I have also heard that the rear dash/seat area is reinforced with a steel plate and any kind of customization will be VERY tough. *This brings up a question about sub below…

So, I am back to the 4” speakers.

I figured screw it -- 4” MB Quart coax both front and rear with a quality sub in the trunk will certainly be better than what I have now. I am going with that…then…

*I talked to a guy who said that Mercedes has this reinforced steel plate separating the trunk and the cab, and I won’t really get the bass inside without some kind of porthole to allow the sound in. He suggested I remove the rear speaker totally thus allowing the bass into the cab from the trunk.

So I am down to one set of 4” coax speakers? Man, that is just not going to get it done!

Any help would be great.