i have a 5cube box *2.5 per chamber* and its sealed. just the other day i hooked up a vega IT 12s to my amp with ti reverse in a box. i covered the hole in the magnet up and all the pounding was almost gone. i moved my hand and WOOOSHH all the air flies out and helps shake my cab. not that this one sub came close to shakin my cab but wow, a tiny hole that isnt even a real vent and it made a huge difference.

for people that have had a sealed setup, then ported it how much difference do you see? im thinking of porting my box to 30hz and if it goes like im thinking .... my hair should blow off my head :P does it REALLY have a difference? with the vega i didnt notice a SQ loss i just noticed a lot more bump to it. plz share.

i have my box in the bed of my truck *subs facing towards hole* im thinking of porting it at the top so it echoes to the bed cover ... but i dont wanna lose any sound. theres not enough room width wise to port it out the front either. suggestions?