I went by a local brick and mortar today and they are offering a cash and carry sale. I went in looking for a CD7200, but they don't carry eclipse any more. I have about $500 to spend and I got offered two deals I am considering.

The first is an H701 for $500 out the door.
-Great active processor, but can be found used for less.

The second is a set of Morel Hybrid Ovation XO 6's (point source speakers) for $450.
-This thing sounds so smooth and detailed it is unbelievable, but that is in a sound board and I already have some SPX-177r's and these are STILL $450!!

Remember that both of these deals are from an authorized dealer for new items with warranty.

The questions is, is either deal good enough I can't pass up? They guy gave me his card and told me that even though the sale ends today, he would honor it till Monday since I live an hour away from them.