Hi all. I'm about to buy a 1995 Inifiniti J30 that comes with the factory Bose system. I think this system is 200W over 6 speakers. Does anyone know anything about this system? How good (or bad) is it? How hard will it be to replace the Bose factory HU? Now, since it's a factory HU, does this mean there are no pre-outs to connect an amp and sub? If that's the case, how much of a hassle is it to get around that? Are the factory speakers good? If I wanted to connect a CD changer (the guy selling it to me said it's wired for one) do I have to get a special one, or will any one do? Sorry for all the questions. I know a lot more about home theater than I do car audio. Any help you guys can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!