Hey all, i haven't been back in a while, because i'm finished with the system in my truck. I now want to install something in my 91' Eclipse i just got. I just want to put in a dual sub configuration. I was thinking of the following setup, if you know of anything better, or cheaper, please feel free to voice your opinion. -->

- (2) Audiobahn AWC10T ($130)
- Kenwood KAC7201 (Not sure on price. Should be able to get it cheap from a buddy who works at BB)

P.S.- I've never had to wire dual voice coil subs before either. Only 4 ohm's. Could some point me to the best way of wiring these bad boys up? I've seen the "sticky" thread from Rockford Fosgate but I'm not sure which way is best to wire these.

Thanks again!