Hey everyone i am new to these forums, and i would like to ask for some help.

So i was looking for a new system, my old one is not doing it anymore.

2 10" Kicker c10's about 150 Watts RMS and 300 Peak, 4 Ohms.
800 Watt Peak Boss Audio Amp, like 150 [email protected] 4Ohms 2 Channel.
Bandpass box with Plexiglas window.
Wired with ****** old wires that barley fit in the terminals.
Rigged it all myself, so its far from perfect.

For door speakers i have some Pioneer TS-A6972R that are 200 watts (peak). and then 6x9' Pioneer Premier TS-A532P that are 300 watts max. I have them running off a Kenwood deck that is 45x4 Watts and they seem fine.

We'll it used to be fine, and loud, but i need more now. More Bass with better SQ. Im fine with my current door speakers but i want more bass.

What i am looking for is Decent Sound quality with decent sound levels.

I Have roughly 300$ to Spend so don't go insane or anything. Prefer to buy off onlinecarstereo.com

I am Looking for 2 Subs Preferably 12's of a decent brand, and around 400 rms+ and Decent amp, wiring kit, no box ill build my own from what ever the specification are for the woofers. Also a Capacitor is def a + because I'd like it not to cut out and have my head lights acting like strobes.

What i have come up with and seems decent: (but i do not know much):

Amp 99$
Autotek AT1000 1000W 2-Channel A/B Class Amplifier:

Subs 70$ (Both 35$ Each)
Hifonics HFi12D4 12" 600W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer

Capacitor 39$
TKO Audio BH-CAP18 1.0 Farad Digital Capacitor

Whole Wiring Kit 35$
Absolute Kit650 1200 Watts Complete 8GA Amp Kit

Totals about 243.00$ with free shipping, let me know what you all think.
Email me if you want, i check it a little more, [email protected]