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Reload Thread: Bass Songs

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    Bass Songs

    Hey i was having trouble searchin for bass songs, and i noticed a dude was havin trouble lookin for some so i got a list here feel free to add if u want.

    DMX-Ain't no sunshine, X gon' give it to ya
    D12-purple pills
    Das dillinger-my system
    do or die- do u wanna ride
    tech nine-now its on, imma tell, alot of his old old **** b4 he became real known is sick with bass
    master p-bourbons and lacs
    any cd that is like a bass remix, (magic mike)
    trick daddy-nann *****, imma thug, take it to da house, more of his stuff
    eminem-die *****
    big tymers-#1 stunna, getcha roll on, still fly
    lil jon and the eastside boys-bia bia, some others of theirs
    lots and lots of triple 6 mafia songs
    50 cent- in da club
    lots of nelly and st lunatics

    there are so many u just gotta listen to alot of rap for real some of it is sick....aight peace

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    Eazy-E - Boyz N The Hood
    Fabolous---Can't deny it
    gorrilas(z)- Clint Eastwood.
    gorillaz - slow country
    bad ronald - lets begin
    bad ronald - bad idea
    Sir-Mix-A-Lot : Posse on Broadway
    MC Shy D : Gotta Be Tough
    Ez e: real mutha****in g's
    baby blue sound crew: love em all
    "My System" by Daz Dilinger f/ Kurupt
    "We gonna rumble" by Project Pat
    fiesta - r.kelly (crazy)
    thats how i get down - genuwine feat. ludacris.
    crazy girl - ll cool j
    pure uncut remix - eightball
    pony - genuwine
    play that sh*t - noreaga feat juvenile
    boom D boom - st lunatics
    **** my d*ck - luke feat cam'rom
    take it to da house - trick daddy
    i'm a thug - trick daddy
    oochi wally - bravehearts
    bad boys - shyne feat berrington levy
    watch for the hook - cool breeze
    new york giants - big pun
    let me in now - st. lunatics
    tootsy rool (remix) - 69 boyz
    trunk funk 101 - 69 boyz
    around the world (bass mix) - ATC
    big booty hoes - luke and the 2live crew
    **** gets ugly - murderers
    QBC - prodigy and kool G rap
    did she say (remix) - jagged edge
    number 1 - nelly
    cowboy - kid rock
    Dru down-pimp of the year
    Eazy E- Fuc* Dre
    Big Tymers-Get ur roll on
    Rappin 4 tay-players club
    3-6 mafia-tear da club up
    Jay Z- Money aint a thang
    Ludacris- southern hospitality
    MTX BASS-Ultimate Subwoofer Test
    pov city anthem by cadillac tah
    I need love - LLCoolJ
    Five on it - Luneys (sp?)
    Ain't nothing but a G-thing - Dr. Dre w/ Snoop dogg
    Gin n Juice - Snoop Dogg
    Natural Born Killerz - Dr. Dre and Ice Cube
    Trick Daddy - Take it to tha house
    Confidential - It Really Don't Matter
    Modern Talking - Win The Race (Scooter Remix)
    Redman - Enjoy Da Ride
    Mary J Blige - Family Affair
    Akinyele-Put It In Your Mouth
    Limp Bizkit-Nookie
    Blu Cantrell-Hit 'em Up Style
    Alicia Keys-Fallen
    Mary J Blige w/ Jadakiss-Family Affair(Remix)
    Method Man-Biscuits
    Shade Sheist w/ Nate Dogg-Where I Wanna Be
    Dru Down-Rescue 911
    Sublime - Caress Me Down
    TRU - Hoody Hoo
    Twiztid - Spin The Bottle
    Master P - How You Do Dat & Pass Me Da Green
    Trick Daddy - Nann *****
    Twista - Adrenaline Rush
    Outkast - Atliens & Rosa Parks
    feel so numb- rob zombie
    Mic Geronimo - Vendetta is a sleeper, it pounds my stock system rite now haha.
    Mobb Deep - Quiet storm remix
    Dj clue,DMX,etc - Ruff Riders remix
    Mr Servon and Big Pun - From NO to NY
    2pac -Hailr marry is reall low and loud
    Xzibit – X
    down with my homiez (i think thats the name)- snoop dogg in it
    the new bass 305 stuff from digital bass
    techno version of blade
    mystikal- just about anything
    chemical brothers
    dj alligator- blow my whistle
    dj micro- techno 2000 (i think)
    crystal method
    anything off the freakshow cd
    anything by pandisc
    eminem- marshall mathers
    da brat- we ready
    prophet posse- scary movies
    666 mafia- body parts part I
    Saliva- Click Click Boom (hits hard for a rock song)
    Saliva- Superstar
    Project Pat- Chopperz
    Project Pat- Pop that P***y hoe
    Juvenile- Ha/Rich N*ggaz/Back that *ss Up
    DJ Revolution-Wake Up Show
    Eightball & MJG-**** them n*ggaz
    Master P- Bounce That ***
    Dayton Family- movin in...movin out
    Mia X- Party Dont Stop
    Nas- take it in blood
    Trina- Off Glass
    666 mafia-talk yo *** off
    Kane And Abel- throw them thangs
    Kane and Abel- I aint runnin
    Kane and Abel- Straight Thuggin
    Memphis Bleek- Is that Yo Chick?
    ***Magic- Ball Till We Fall***
    Kid Rock- F*** Off!
    TRU- Never Take a Knife to a GunFight
    TRU- Hoody Hoo
    Bone Thugs- Crossroads Remix
    Snoop Dogg/C-Murder- Down For My n*ggaz
    Ruiff Ryders- World War 3
    Korn-Freak On a Leash
    NORE-banned from TV
    XZIBIT- Chamber Music
    Bubba Sparkxx- Ugly
    Mystikal & Outkast-Neck uv da woodz
    Big Tymers-get yo roll on
    Sandstorm by darude
    no surrender- bone
    creepin on the come up track5- bone
    bounce bass remix- pastor troy and miracle
    The intro to art of war (wait for the explosion)- bone
    dead wrong -BIG and eminem
    the edge of the blade- mystikal (blade soundtrack)
    nine inch nails- perfect drug
    Deuce-Everybody Wanna Be Down With the South
    Deuce-Ride N Smokin
    Deuce-Twirk Something
    Deuce-Did dat
    Afro Man - Colt 45
    Cypress Hill - Lowrider
    Rammstein - Du Hast (Heavy Metal)
    Prodigy - Diesel Power
    blood bath rave-crystal method
    try to stop smokin- trick daddy
    n e bass outlaws stuff
    boom bye bye- buju banton
    damaged(florida airwaves version)- plummet
    smack my ***** up- prodigy
    what it is-busta rhymes
    Touch It, By Monifa that song kicks ***
    chemical brothers - the sunshine underground
    (hed) pe - serpent boy
    (hed) pe - P.O.S.
    Bone Thugs - Body Rott
    Mo Thugs - Ghetto Cowboy
    Layzie Bone - Make My day
    ja rule - lets ride
    kottonmouth kings - dogs life
    lil jon and the eastside boys - bia bia
    lil jon and eastside boys - put your hood up
    ludacris - phat rabbit
    ludacris- welcome to atlanta
    ludacris - block lockdown
    ludacris - go 2 sleep
    snoop dog - buck-em
    trick daddy - shut up
    nann ni**a by trick daddy
    Sublime- Summertime
    Deftones - My Own Summer
    Petey Pablo- Petey PabloNasty Girl – Jadakiss
    Cruisin' - Jadakiss
    Let's Ride - Ja Rule
    Bloodline Anthem - DMX
    For My Dogs - DMX
    Get At Me Dog - DMX
    Country Grammar - Nelly
    Boom D Boom - St. Lunatics
    Let Me In Now - St. Lunatics
    Gun Slinger - B.G.
    Get Your Roll On - Big Tymers
    #1 Stunna - Big Tymers
    War - JT Money
    Fear Factory: Shock, Edgecrusher
    Snake River Conspiracy: Casualty
    Lennon: Brake of Your Car
    DJ Baby Anne: Come Into My House
    Hed pe: Everybody Dies (live on the Tattoo the earth cd)
    Beastie Boys: Intergalactic, Putting Shame in Your Game
    Mudvayne: Severed (good 20hz stuff there)
    Lil Kim: No Matter What They Say
    Chemical Brothers: Block Rockin' Beats
    Sarah McLachlan: I Love You
    Xzibit - X
    Xzibit - Front 2 Back
    Xzibit - Alkoholik
    Rahzel - To The Beat
    Outkast - Back Of The Bus
    Jurrasic5 - Concrete Schoolyard
    Ja Rule - 6 Feet Under Ground
    Ja Rule - Put It On Me
    Ja Rule - Running Through Red Lights
    ICP - Dating Game
    Grand Detroit Pubahs - Sandwiches (good bass but anoying)
    Funkmaster Flex - OST
    DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
    DMX - X Is Comming
    2 Live Crew - Too Much Booty In Da Pants
    2 Pac - Thug Mentality
    Swollen Members - Fuel Injected
    Swollen Members - Lady Venom
    Swollen Members - Horrified Nights
    Swollen Members - Killing Spree
    Tia Mia Shu - Hardcore Chinese Freestyle Rap
    Spineshank - Asthmatic
    Spineshank - Height of the Callousness
    Korn - Helmet in the Bush
    Korn - dead bodies everywhere
    korn - children of the korn
    korn - all in the family
    hed pe - serpent boy
    incubus - echo
    incubus - consequence
    incubus - circles
    incubus - nice to know you
    mos def - speed law
    mos def - b-boy document 2000
    outkast - elevators trunk rattling remix
    Warp Brothers - Phatt Bass
    Warp Brothers - We Will Survive
    Flexx - Bass Nation Check Point (short but it ROCKS)
    Pharao - Temple Of Love (Ultimate spirit mix)
    Pharao - King Pharao
    Sash! - Stay (Album version)
    Sash! - Hoop star
    Prodigy - Breath
    Teddy Bears STHLM feat. Paola - Your´s to keep
    Phasio - C.P.C.O
    Madonna - Rain
    Celine Dion - Most of her ballads
    Alliyah- Rock Da Boat
    Nas, DMX, Ja-Rule- Grand Finale
    Saliva- Click Click Boom
    Three 6 Mafia- Tongue Ring
    Chaos A.D. -Sepultura
    Bleed- Soulfly
    Its goin down- Celly Cell
    Kittie- Spit
    Baby got back- Ph8 (local Tucson band)
    Gangsta ****- Brotha Lynch Hung
    Jump the Fu*k up- Soulfly
    Purity- SLipknot
    Anything off Vulgar display of power- Pantera
    so many souls deceased-504 boyz
    bounce-miracle(any of his songs)
    dis b**** dat h**-3 6 mafia
    anything from project pat
    n***** in trouble-b.g.
    400 degreez-juvenile
    shine-lil wayne
    Three 6mafia - 2 way freak
    three six mafia - im so high
    three six mafia - baby moma
    three six mafia - all or nuttin
    three six mafia - break da law 2001
    three six mafia - dis *****, dat hoe
    three six mafia - land of the lost
    three six mafia - *** and tities
    three six mafia - weak azz *****
    three six mafia - who run it
    three six mafia - late night tip
    three six mafia - tounge ring
    project pat - cheese and dope
    project pat - whole lotta weed
    project pat pop that ***** hoe
    project pat f. gangsta boo - ballers
    project pat f. big tymers - choppers
    ludacris - phat rabbit
    ludacris - saturday
    2pac - hail mary
    azn rap - smoke weed
    DMX, Method man, nas, ja rule - Grand fanale
    gangsta boo - both worlds

    God is just an imaginary friend for grown ups.

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    twista - twisted heat
    Outkast - Rosa Parks
    AC/DC - Lets Make it (super low drop)
    Jackyl- Secret Of the Bottle
    Jackyl- I stand alone
    Jackyl- Rock-A-Ho
    Eagles- Hotel California (live)
    Ugly Kid Joe- ******* Devil
    Late Night Tip
    Ghetto Boys- Assassins
    Milli vanilli- Blame it on the rain !
    Afroman- Afroman is coming
    Nelly- Icey
    St Lunatics- Let me in now
    E40- Fed
    E40- Sideways
    E40- Lieutenant Roast a Botch
    well so far the ones ive tried and liked on my 34hz tune:
    daz - who u wit (rediculous bass)
    daz - my system (very low)
    ugk - affiliation (too **** low to handle!!!)
    gza - breaker breaker (loud and perfect i love it!) *fav
    icp - rebel flag (eh? corny but does do the job)
    3-6-maf - slob on my knob
    Fat Joe - Definition Of a Don
    Fat Joe - Fight Club
    Fat Joe - Get The Hell On With That
    Fat Joe - He's Not Real
    Fat Joe - J.O.S.E
    Fat Joe - King Of N.Y
    Fat Joe - Murder Rap
    Fat Joe - Opposites Attract
    Fat Joe - Still Real
    Fat Joe - The Wild Life
    High Tek - Round and Round
    NAS - Grand Finale
    NAS - Hate Me Now
    NAS - If I Ruled The World
    NAS - Nastradamus
    NAS - One Mic
    NAS - Oochie Wally
    NAS - Rewind
    NAS - Rock And A Hard Place
    NAS - Shoot Em Up
    Swollen Members - Bring It Home
    112 - Peaches And Cream
    666 - Amokk
    666 - Supa-Dupa-Fly
    darude - laa la la e oo eoo
    darude - tear apart
    darude - Ecstacy
    Darude feat. Tammy Marie - Out of Control
    D.O.N.S - Ritmo Infernal
    Dante Thomas - Miss California
    DB Boulevard - Point of view
    Deftones - Around The Fur (intro really good)
    DJ Aligator - The Whistle Song
    DJ Aligator - progresive house 2000
    Dj Epic - Final Fantasy(Rave)
    DJ Jean - The Launch
    DJ Jurgen - Higher & Higher
    THX - WORLD'S DEEPEST BASS(Extreme Woofer Test)
    Drunkenmonkey - E
    Europe - The Final Countdown
    DMX - Party Up
    Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes (including this because its the best crusing song I have came across)
    Ja Rule - Holla Holla
    Ja Rule - Race Against Time
    Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss (Jah Wobble Remix) (dont laugh, has some nice bass)
    Inspector Gadget - Theme (Happy Hardcore Remix)
    Jagged Edge feat. Run Dmc - I just wanna get married
    JCA - I Begin To Wonder
    Eiffel 65 - Move Your Body
    KCB - Wild 11 Megamix
    Lasgo - Alone
    Lil Bow Wow - Bow Wow (Thats My Name)
    Method Man and Redman - Da Rockwilder
    Ministry of Sound - Joyenergiser (physical mix) (Joy Kitikonti)
    Notorious BIG - Hypnotize
    Paffendorf - Where Are You
    Paul van Dyk - For An Angel
    Pink ft. Redman - Get The Party Started (Sweet Dreams Remix)
    Prodigy - Babys Got a Temper
    Puretone - addicted to bass
    Ramp - The Logical Song
    Scooter - Hyper Hyper
    Andre Nickatina - Killer Whale
    2pac - ***** Please III
    2pac - Got 2 Survive
    2pac and Outlawz - Letter To The President
    Bass Outlaws(Below 20hz) - Illegal Bass-Car Audio Only!
    Big Tymers - Still Fly
    Big Tymers - Oh Yeah!
    Cadillac Tah - POV City Anthem
    DJ Magic Mike - Make The Car Go Boom
    DJ Magic Mike - Worlds Deepest Bass
    DJ Magic Mike - Feel The Bass
    DMX - Party Up
    Fabolous - Holla Back
    GZA - Breaker Breaker
    Jay Z and DMX - Money, Cash, Hoe's
    Jermaine Dupri feat. Snoop, St.Lunatics, P Diddy - Welcome To Atlanta(Remix)
    Juvinile - Set It Off
    Kottonmouth Kings - Bump
    Kottonmouth Kings - Suburban Life
    Kottonmouth Kings - Tell My Why
    Linkin Park - My December
    LL Cool J and Neptunes - Love You Better
    Long Beach Dub Allstars - Sunny Hours
    Ludacris - Get The **** Back
    Ludacris - Growing Pains
    Ludacris - Roll Out
    Ludacris - You's A Hoe(Super Bass Remix)
    Ludacris - Saturday
    Ludacris - Move *****
    Ludacris - John Madden 2000 Theme
    Montel Jordan - Lets Ride(Bass Remix)
    Nelly - Air Force Ones
    Outkast - Back Of The Bus
    Paul Okenfold - Starry Eyed Suprise
    Petey Pablo - Raise Up
    3 6 Mafia - Late Night Tip
    Toya - I Do
    Xzibit - Multiply
    Xzibit - Rimz and Tirez
    Westside Connection - West Up!
    Erica Badu - love of my life
    clipse - virginia
    clipse - grindin
    50 cents freestyle on dj clue's how to do this part 1
    pastor troy - are we cuttin
    50 cent - we dont play that ***** s**t
    Jadakiss - are we ****in or what
    Jadakiss - see my *****
    Master Ace - Born To Roll
    Daz - My System
    linkin park-remix album
    incubus-make yourself
    finger eleven-bluest of gray skies
    Stop playin games- eightball
    DTP ft. Luda- break sumthin
    Dungeon Family- Forever Pimpin
    Ali & Murphy- Boughetto
    Pharoah Monch- Simon Says
    Nappy Roots-Ballin on a Budget
    Obie, 50 cent, and Eminem- Love Me
    Royce da 5'9 ft Eminem- Rock City
    RZA- LA Rhumba
    SNS ft Trick Daddy- Take it to da House
    Scarface - Guess Whos Back
    Ludacris - Catch Up
    Do or Die - Do you wanna ride
    lil keke - southside
    mary j blige & jadakiss - back to life 2001
    wu tang - chrome wheels
    pastor troy - vice versa
    rza - the rhumba
    timbaland & magoo feat. aaliyah - love me (rattled my car apart)
    warren g - nobody does it better
    warren g - regulator (had to put that in there)
    witchdoctor - holiday
    youngbloodz - 85 south
    youngbloodz - UWay
    youngbleed - how you do that there
    youngbleed - the day they made me boss
    kick it 2nite - x raided
    jungle - Andre Nickatina
    tear da club up - three 6 mafia
    ballin boy - no good
    greed - ice cube
    504 Boyz - Big Toyz
    Master P - Pass Me Da Green
    Downsouth Hustlers feat. UGK - Players From Da South
    Three 6 Mafia - Azz and Tittiez
    From Da Back
    Late Nite Tip
    Break Da Law 2000
    Anyone Out There
    War Wit Us
    Slob On My Knob
    Tear Da Club Up 97'
    Project Pat - Ridin On Chrome
    Chicken Headz
    Red Rum
    Ja-Rule - Let's Ride
    Warren G. - Regulator
    Daz Dellinger - My System
    Mystikal feat. Outkast - Neck Uv Da Woodz
    Outkast - Elevators
    Twista (and Legit Ballers) - Grand Finale
    Ghostface Killah - Ghost Deini
    Dead Prez - Hip Hop (must get this one)
    Mr. Biggs - Ho Check
    Pastor Troy - This Tha City
    ICP - Wizard Of Da Hood
    Juvenile - In Tha Nolia
    B.G. - I Know
    Big Tymers - Big
    Ludacris - You's A Ho
    Ching Ching (Album Version) - Ms Jade ft Nelly Furtado Timbalake
    Sir Mix alot - I Like Big Butts
    Public Domain - Operation Blade (Bass In The Place)
    Scooter – Nessaja
    Warp Bros Vs Aquagen - Phatt Bass
    Uprocking Beats
    DJ Boozy Woozy - jumpin' around
    DJ Boozy Woozy - Party Affair
    Hocus Pocus - Heres Johnny
    Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer
    Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
    Klubheads - Hiphopping
    Klubheads - Let the Party Begin
    Nick Skitz - Excalibur 2001
    Nick Skitz - Miss America
    Ying Yang Twins - Whistle While You Twurk
    Blu Cantrell - Hit Em Up Style (Oops)
    DMX - Aint No Sunshine
    Easy E - Boyz In Da Hood
    Ja Rule - Let's Ride
    DMX - Here Comes The Boom
    Khia - My Neck
    Mel B feat. Missy Elliot - I Want You Back
    Missy Elliott - Work It
    Scooter - Ramp! The Logical Song (Radio Edit)
    Attomic Kitten - Friends Forever (The Graduation Song)
    J Lo - Jenny From The Block
    Groove Armada - Superstylin
    Bass Mekanik - Welcome Stranger
    Kai Tracid - Trance and Acid
    Nelly - Nellyville
    Nelly - Oh Nelly
    Nelly - Pimp Juice
    Nelly - Work It
    Nelly - #1
    Nelly - CG 2
    Chemical Bros - Under The Influence
    Vengaboys- We Like To Party
    Nick Skitz Venga Boy Megamix
    Nelly - E.I
    Nelly - Country Grammar
    Eminem - Cleanin' Out My Closet
    Eminem - Without Me
    Eminem - Business
    Bass Mekanik - Drop the bass
    Bass Mekanik - Dubalicious
    Bass Mekanik - Toccata In B
    Bass Mekanik - Bass Mechanic (DJ Icey Remix)
    Bass Mechanic
    Eminem - Lose Yourself
    Eminem - 8 Mile
    Bass Mekanik - Electronic Stereo Bass
    Bass Mekanik - Galaxy Of Bass
    Bass Mekanik - Maximum Killa Hertz
    Bass Outlawz - 3 Kinds Of Bass
    Boston Accustics - Woofer Cooker
    Dr Crankenstien - SPL Competition Bass
    Bass 305 - Energy
    Nemisis - Munchies For Your Bass
    Bass Mekanik - Bass Station
    Bass Mekanik - Critical Level
    Club Caviar - Game Over
    DJ Aligator Project - Lolipop
    666 - 2 The Maxx
    666 - Dance 2 Disco
    666 -Boomba
    Daz Dillinger - My System

    God is just an imaginary friend for grown ups.

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    golly i just think yall named all the songs there is

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    TOO much free time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 60_cent
    TOO much free time.
    its just a list from all the other 'bass songs' list that we have had over the years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattj
    its just a list from all the other 'bass songs' list that we have had over the years...
    Yep, search does wonderful things.

    God is just an imaginary friend for grown ups.

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    thatd list would be great---- if it was in order. someone put it in alapha order by artist!!

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    Rap Game - D12

    makes the car rediculous.

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    20hz - 60hz

    those are the best bass songs.

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    Re: Bass Songs

    I think you forgot one

    nice list.. thanks

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    Re: Bass Songs

    anything from:bass outlaws, bass mechanic, techno bass crew, prodigy(album:MFTJG doesn't have much bass though)
    the whole Matrix (1st one) soundtrack is quite bassy, especially propellerheads(sp?)
    and a personal fav. Phat bass by warp bro's vs. aquagen (techno blade remix)

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    Re: Bass Songs

    get the free bass disk from Crutchfield mod(original)

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    Re: Bass Songs

    how do you score that one Denim?

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    Re: Bass Songs

    yes, do tell.....

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