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Reload Thread: rcas on head unit

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    rcas on head unit

    I think the amp on my head unit crapped out does this affect the rca outputs also how do you test the rca outputs to see if they are working I thought I would use external amp if the rcas still work.

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    you Need a DMM to test the voltage of the RCA's...

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    RCA's are pre amps thus run into circutry pre amplification. The problem is they send more than just signal they also increse your voltage.

    SO if you blew your internal amp they should still work but if its more like a internal power problem then no they may not work.

    Here a few tricks to make sure your internal amp is blown.
    Disconnect all your speakers from the harnest. Using a 4-8ohm test speaker connect it to a single channel (remember to have the rest disconnected and taped off) Very closely listen to it as you turn up and down the volume if you hear VERY slight scratching that means your amplifier is probably blown. If you dont hear scratching then it means you may have some sort of power problem. Kenwoods are very nerotic about having a good ground on the antenna and will not allow the internal amp to run with out it connected. So run a test line from a screw on your chassis to the little bit of of metal sticking out of the back of your antenna plug and see if it makes a difference.

    Finally to test your RCA's connect a digital multimeter (not a test light in this case) to a single channel and see if you have a voltage rating at mid volume.

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