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Reload Thread: Remote start problems on DEI Hornet 554T Alram for '95 Saturn SL1

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    Remote start problems on DEI Hornet 554T Alram for '95 Saturn SL1

    I posted this same thread on car security forum as well, but I'm not getting replies as fast as I'd like.....maybe somebody here can help me.

    I installed the security part of the system with no trouble at all. It detects all the zones (trunk and hood, doors, ignition and shock) and reports them correctly to the remote. However, the remote start will not work because I don't know where some of these wires go. Here's a list of the ones I can't figure out.

    1. Pink on Remote Start Ribbon Harness: 200ma ignition relay turn-on:

    2. Orange on Remote Start Ribbon Harness: 200ma accessory relay turn-on

    3. Purple on Remote Start Ribbon Harness: 200ma starter relay turn-on

    4. Green on Starter Kill Relay: No Idea what this does.....can't find it in install guide. In fact, I can't find anything about the starter kill relay in the install friend Ryan said that the yellow went to the ignition (seems right because that's the starter wire and they're both yellow) and that the black went to the main system ground.

    Basically, what I need to know is what color the corresponding wires are in my saturn. Once these are hooked up properly, it should remote start (i already have the tach, brake and neutral safety wires connected).

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    well.. here are the color codes for the:
    Saturn LS :
    Saturn SC:

    Now, the Pink on the remote start harness goes to the "ignition" wire on the car you have.. Look on the left side of the sheet, and it'll tell you what color the iginition is...
    Orange goes to accessory and the purple goes to starter.

    For the green.. Turn to page 8 in your manual and at the top of the page, you will see a diagram on how to wire the starter kill relay.. I think on mine, I wired the green and black into the starter wire and it's just a prevention and will cut power when the car isn't supposed to try and start. cut your starter wire and solder the green to the end closest to your ignition and the black to the other side of the now cut wire. I think thats what I remember.. study the diagram a bit and double check everything, otherwise, this is a GREAT alarm! I love startin up the car while about to get out of work in the 100 degree plus weather!!

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