Hello. I have a Pontiac Bonneville -90 with the original casette-player. Is the Pioneer DEHP47DH or DEHP77DHR the right choice to buy? There is a few questions that I cant find anything about.

I live in sweden and wonder how the radio will work here. I have understood that these head-units (correct me if I am wrong) can't do even frequencies. So it will be possible to tune in 99.9 and 100.1, but not 100.0. Is that true? Is it possible to modify it?

How will the unit work with the controls in the steering-wheel? Volume, radio, fade, mute and so on.....

Is there anything else that I should know if I was to install one of these units in my car?

I am really hoping for help on this one.

Take care everyone out there.

/Fredrik, Sweden