Hey guys, this may be a little long, because I have a fairly specific vision that I'd like to lay out for you, because I'm sure your knowledge of actual audio equipment and install is vast in comparison to my own.

Navigation/Touchscreen/Head Unit: Pioneer AVIC-Z3 - $1800
HU Accessories: Bluetooth/Handsfree - $120 ; Backup Camera w/DSP - $400 ; iPod Interface - $50 ; 6-Disc DVD/CD Changer - $650

My goal is to make it as seamless an install as possible - meaning accessories and modules and whatnot hidden from plain sight. I envision the changer underneath one of the front seats, or in the glove compartment.

I'd like to have the ultimate in audio as well, without a lot of flash and fiberglass. I'm all for modifying the interior to accommodate better staging and addition of speakers for the sake of the best possible sound, but I'd like the install to look as OEM as possible. The car is a 2004 M3, Steel Grey on Cinnamon, Premium and Cold Weather Package with Nav.

One thing I have researched thoroughly is sound-deadening. I frequent the SecondSkin Audio forums on the topic, and will be doing an appropriate amount of it so as to improve audio as much as possible without adding a ridiculous amount of weight to an M3.

While I'm not terribly concerned about cost, I know you could spend 100,000 bucks on a single speaker if you got ridiculous enough, so let's look at what 4-8k can do for ultimate sound quality (not trying to hurt anyone with bass here, just SQ).

So, $4-8k, as stock looking as possible, best SQ available - what do I get?