Do the audiobahn aw1200'qs demand lots of power or a big sealed box or both? My Xplods and JL W0's sounded better. I have the subs wired right and thy hit hard but not as hard as the Xplods did plus the things get distorted when the bass gets low. The things have to knock hard as f*** because they came in big wooden crates and the magnet is huge and theres a chrome finish and that huge foam surround. I had all the subs on a Rockford Power 500bd mono amp. The audiobahns just dont sound clean.. I need a quick solution and I can't have somebody tell me audiobahns **** because I heard 2 of the aw1500q's on a 1100 watt Directed Audio mono amp in an suv and it was hittin at 155 db which was REALLY REALLY loud and they sounded clean. The dude turned the gain up some an they hit at about 158 db. I thought he had maybe 4 12's or 4 15's but I was wrong. The box the 15's were in was frickin' huge too.