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Reload Thread: best way to protect subs from theft in hatchback ?

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    best way to protect subs from theft in hatchback ?

    I have a honda hatchback and i got two 12 infinitiy perfects in there. it would **** if some that fool broke my back window and just my box with the two subs in it and run off. all this would take 30-45 seconds to do.

    anyone know the best way to prevent this? get a car alarm? (costs 200 bux i asked). get insurance? (didn't check that yet)

    the good news is the windows are tinted in the back so it's hard to see
    and i usually put a big shower towel over it when i leave the car for a long time such as when i go to school (high school) in the morning....

    i'm afraid cuz we have **** in our school who might do that kind of crap to people...

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    1. I personally dont like limo tints as they attract attention - hey look, the mans got tints, whats he tryina hide? I have special anti-smash-and-grab film, which is clear on all windows except the front and you cant smash the glass with anything but a shotgun - we did a test on a window and used a baseball bat, tennis racket (now broken!!!!) and a claw hammer. It withstood over 5 minutes of continuous pounding before a small hole appeared, size of a quarter cauxsed by the hammer. it good sh*t.

    2. V.difficult to od this one. Try not2play your sysrtem just before you park up somewhere as it attarcts atention. My friend parked up near a park and we went to shoot sum hoops. Came back and you know what happened...............all gone!!!!!! If he handt played it within the last 10mins, he may still have it2day

    3. Alarm - get 1. If you have no alarm, its the easiest opportunity for a thief. A good, cliffor or code will save your *** anytime sumbody wants to take a shot at your car.

    4. Delock all doors

    5. Deadlock and delock boot - now try and open it. Pain in the *** when something goes wrong, but I did it with my cabriolet and had no problems.

    6. Move to a different hood.

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    Continued: Use T-nuts to mount all your stuff. Make it so the box is big enough it takes two people to move it. and make it so you have to put it in one end at a time then turn it sideways once in the car..Thieves are lazy they want to grab and go not take ten minutes to pull an amp and a couple subs.


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