current car 99 contour svt
system: kicker 5X7 comps in the doors
kicker 300.4
kicker 1200.1
kicker 1200.1
kicker 12L7
kicker 12 L7
and a 2nd battery

this setup is very loud! the car i am getting tomarrow is a 02 eclipce gt
very small wuld i be able to fit all this bac there? also i think that its time to focus on
SQ so what should i get ? jl is nice but to pricey! i was thinking 2 12s{higer end}
a matchig mono amp and 6.25 comps in the front doors and 6.25 comps in some kicks?
the sound i want is clear loud and crisp i also i havea pioneer840 i love it so i won be changing that so ne help would be awsome just say uwere in my shoes what wuld u get?
ihave a realistic budget here nothing over like 2500, also how much shoud i sell my old system 4., whats the going online rate u think i can get ? thanks and cant wai to read the responses.