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    O.T. Question for computer freaks

    I just tried to play an audio CD in my home PC. Win2K Pro. When I close the drive door, I get a dialog box message that says:

    Desktop <-- (This is in the title bar)
    Access to the specified device, path, or file is denied.

    Sounds kinda like security issues, although I'm the admin on this machine. Control panel says restriction to CD drive is not enabled, so it's not that.

    I'm guessing there was an application on my desktop that was configured to play CD Audio and now it's gone? Anybody know how to tell what program Win2K will look for when you plug in an audio CD?

    If I open Media Player, it finds the CD fine and plays. The file association for .cda files is set to use Media Player too.

    It's not a big deal, just annoying.

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    i have to repair PC's and servers in the base all the time, and I'll tell you something I tell most of the people...
    if in doubt, reinstall windows.

    You're saying that the file associations all check ot alright, eyt you still have that kind of problem.

    A cd usually takes some time to load, and it seems like windows is trying to access it too quickly, and it's saying it's not a calid disc, or not disc is present. Well, tht's what I THINk it is. I'd have to see it for myself and do some mumbo-jumbo (something else I alwas tell people) to see what the actual cause of the problem is. SOrry I couldn't be much help maylar.. hope someone here, or you can get the bug fixed asap

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