Not sure if any of you have or are looking to get an Indash DVD for your car, but I was hoping to maybe get your wise advice.

I've got a 2003 Eclipse, needing a double slot stereo. I'm looking to switch out the stock infinity and put in a good solid DVD Indash player. I'm trying to look for something with the following between $500-700:

* DVD player with a 6.5-7 inch screen
* Nice solid GPS system, preferably that text to audios street names and looks like a Maestro (I'll sell off my Navigon 5100 when I get this)
* Plays Mp3 DVDs with an easy to use menu
* Doesn't require a GPS DVD disc in at all times

Nice to Haves:
* Has the Sirius radio function built into it
* Has an internal TV tuner

Now I'm looking at the following, tell me what you think:

OR _7-32450650.html


Then, there's this one which is kind of an enigma to me. Never heard of Soundstream, but it seems like they've got lots of bells and whistles on the GPS side. Anyone see one of these before?

If you can think of any other stereos to check out, the tips will be greatly appreciated!