Hey guys,

First post. I have a 1994 GMC Sierra extended cab and want to put a new system in it. I guess I should say that I don't want a very very loud or bassy system, just a fairly high quality one that I can crank up on occasion. I mostly listen to rock with some bass, but not too much. My budget for everything is about $600.

I will need the following:

-Head unit with aux input
-Front and rear speakers
-Amp for the speakers
-Sub amp

That's all I really know... I have a ton of questions:

-Do I want component or full range speakers? I know component speakers will have a better sound quality, but is the extra rigging/setup/cost worth it?

-How much wattage should I aim for in my speakers and amp? Like I said, I don't really want very very high volume, just quality.

-Do I even need a sub? If so, how big and what kind of wattage will I need? I also have a very limited amount of room. So I don't know where I'd mount a sub box. Under the rear seat seems like the only place, but I only have about 12" of clearance at best. Any ideas?

Can anyone recommend pieces to the system that fit my requirements and budget?

Feel free to ask questions so I can help you guys help me.

Thanks so much