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Reload Thread: good bass songs to show off my system?

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    good bass songs to show off my system?

    What are some good bass songs to show off my system? I would prefer rap songs with a lot of low bass, but bass tests and such are good too, really anthing that pounds.

    thanks,<br />Dustin

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    these songs are sweet for showing off your system<br />Public Domain - So get up<br />Public Domain - Operation Blade<br />Bad Boy Bill - Shake that ***

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    moby play. try track4, fastforward 34 seconds into the song, and clench your *** shut.

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    One thing comes to mind above all others....

    <br />THX Woofer Excursion Test

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    Webslave -

    "The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready."

    - Henry David Thoreau

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    well, lil john and eastside boys "BIA BIA" has some crazy bass, but, five for fighting "superman" has the deepestbass ive heard in a while. it starts with slow piano, so dont turn it off as soon as it starts, cus after aout 30-40 seconds, it has some low *** bass.

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    listen to c-murder **** dem other ****** or get the new c-murder cd its good

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    Well theres so many out there<br />If your a rock person<br />My December by Linkin Park (you'll have to DL it...i dont think its on any cd's right now)<br />or Abortion by Kid Rock (i think thats a DL song too...i hate kid rock but this is actualy a good song and it rolls quite well)<br />Rap ... for the most part anything

    #8 on Nelly hits well<br />uhh<br />**** any bass testing songs sound good

    The begining of Forget about Dre sounds nice

    god theres so many of them

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    Try 112-anywhere, or khia-lick my neck, my back or trick daddy- cant **** with the south or just go on morpheus, or ur favorite Mp3 downloader and search for BASS, they got this one song of the word bass, and man does the BASS kick in

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    "Sublime - Caress me Down". period.

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    Try "Back of the bus" by Outcast. "Counrty Grammer", "EI", Nelly. "Break ****", "Getcha Grove On", "Boiler", Limp Bizkit. "Butterfly", Crazy Town. And the list goes on and on.

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    he said that show off bass, not top pop songs of last year to look cool in front of dorks <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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    bass mekinics<br />len - hotrod monster jam kicks ***<br />nelly new and old <br />bass test cd's #1<br />it relly depends on your setup and what your system has the most of ive got 1200wat amp 3 12"s<br />4 6 1/2"s 8 tweets all audiobahn and anything sounds good

    oh project pat killaz on chrome hits

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    There is only two words i can say BASSass mekinics

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    There is only two words i can say BASS MEKINICS <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> . These CDs kick some mager *** and it also has tone test so you can get really low.

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    here are some tight songs:

    Three Six Mafia - are your ready for us<br />Top of Da South feat Broadnax - is it going down<br />Jay Z - Hola Hovito<br />DJ Mike - Ultimate Subwoofer Test<br />Cadillac Tah - Pov City Anthem<br />Three Six Mafia - *** and *******

    With these songs youll be bumpin

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