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    head unit for mustang

    Hi, my previous post wasn't too informative so here goes. I want to replace the factory mach 460 cd/tape head units in my 96 mustang and use the factory amps for the stock speakers and add an amp and sub. Is there an aftermarket cd player that plays mp3s, has a high pass crossover for the speaker outputs and a low pass filter for the amp preout? Will this work when I need an adapter to convert the speaker level outputs to the aftermarket amp add on? What other options do I have to not send lows to the factory speakers?

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    you will not be able to run the stock amp with a different head unit. you have to bypass it to get an aftermarket head unit to work. Check on a pioneer about the whole high pass - low pass thing.

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    I have a 98 mustang and let me tell you, its a pain in that a$$ to bypass that fact. amp. You cant run the fact amp off the H/U.

    Any other questions post em, ill get right on it................

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    I have a 94 Mustang GT with the MACH 460 system, and was told by every shop that I went to that I could not run the MACH 460 system(amps and speakers) of anything other than the stock head unit. I found a local shop that had an installer that said he could get it to work. I paid about $60 for two OEM adapters to make it all compatible, and low and behold everything worked perfect. I would say the change from the stock tape player to the aftermarket Alpine CD player resulted in a virtual doubling of sound(both spl and sq). I puchased a Cd player with front and rear preouts, and a subwoofer output. I ran my mach off the front and rear outputs. I would not worry about a filter for the factory system because the amp and speakers come with a crossover, which helps to cut down on distortion. The headunit that I purchased also allowed me to select the subwoofer and set the frequency cutoff and also to adjust the sub volume. I would definitely exhaust all efforts before trashing the MACH 460 because I feel it is pretty good sounding(never had any complaints). Keep trying to find someone to do it, because I know it can be done, it is just a matter of finding the right person. You might want to llok up Zane and see if he has any ideas for you.

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