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Reload Thread: two memphis 10s...sealed or ported?

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    two memphis 10s...sealed or ported?

    Friend is wanting to put two memphis 10s in his avalanche.

    He just is wanting a good clean sound
    Should he just go sealed?

    What size box?

    JVC AVX2 (3.5" Screen)
    Mids and Highs:
    Kicker 6 1/2" door speakers
    Four 3 1/2" Kicker Speakers in the sub wall
    Two 2006 15" Kicker L7s
    Kicker KX120.2 for Mids and Highs
    Kicker KX2500.1 for Subs
    8 Cube wall tuned to 50 hz for comp and 36 hz for daily.
    150.4 db @ 47 hz on TL with 3 day old subs. Done a 156.8 since then on Audiocontrol
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    Re: two memphis 10s...sealed or ported?

    Pr's or what? My two ten pr's sounded real nice and crisp ported at 2.8 at 34 hz on 450 rms.

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    Re: two memphis 10s...sealed or ported?

    Need to Know; Custom Box Info


    Just a note; All you guys wanting enclosure designed / built or what ever
    I keep seeing all these air space or volume request with speaker size/ tuning frequencies and so-on
    It is very important to know more information
    like the type of vehicle and more
    The environment (Vehicle) will seriously effect “ALL” these factors
    An Experienced Subwoofer Enclosure Designer (not just builder)
    Needs to account for All the variables

    True available space
    Locations and surroundings for new enclosure
    Distance to the Listeners
    The Acoustical Characteristics of the Environment (different vehicles and certain
    locations inside of that vehicle will react differently
    Power Demands
    Audio Objective (Type of Music, Response and SPL Levels)
    Cosmetics (Looks)
    Cost (The Cost of a Custom Subwoofer Enclosure can go and be divided up in
    many directions)
    You can spend a lot of money on just Looks (Fiberglass, Paint, Vinyl, Plex, Neon,
    You can spend a lot of money on Performance (SPL or Sound Quality)
    It’s finding the right Balance for that particular Project

    An Expensive Subwoofer and Amplifier dose Not Equal GOOD BASS
    Straight cut MDF and a Box Program dose Not Equal GOOD BASS

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