I got some Dynamat Xtreme put in the doors and floor of my 2007 Mazda 3. It's nice that there is less vibration and road noise, and the music is much cleaner, but it seems like music isn't quite as bright and clear as it should be. Is it just my imagination, or does sound dampener have this kind of effect? I'm thinking of having a pair of tweeters (Infinity Reference 1021t) added to the dash, since the tweeters in the 2-way speakers are down low on the doors. I'm sure a sound processor like the Alpine PXE-H650, with its Imprint technology, would probably do the trick, but I've already spent a bunch of money and would like to be done without spending too much more.

HU: Alpine CDA-9883
Front speakers: Infinity Reference 6x8's 6822cf
Rear speakers: Infinity Reference 6x8's 6812cf
(front and rear speakers are all in the doors)
Amp: Rockford Fosgate Punch 501X 4-channel
Sub: Infinity BassLink

Dynamat Xtreme door kits in front and back doors
Dynamat Xtreme speaker kits around front speaker holes
XTC acoustic baffles from Crutchfield behind front speakers
Dynamat Xtreme in the floor