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Reload Thread: Car Audio 101 Videos for dummies?

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    Icon14 Car Audio 101 Videos for dummies?

    As you know, there are many forum communities online that offer information on car audio whether it's hooking up your speakers, headunit, or even battery. Sure there are a lot of sticky threads that even provide pictures with the instructions, but wouldn't it be even nicer if a video tutorial related to that thread was provided for the visual learners? For instance, on Realm of Excursion there was a video tutorial on how to do "the big 3", but it lacked images on where things are located in the vehicle. It would be a lot easier to learn if one could watch a video clip on how the method is done from start (putting your ring terminals on wires)to finish(lol haven't read what the last step to the big 3 was).
    Another example could be is how to set gains on an amp by using the dmm or a scope. A very detailed video on where to connect the leads to how to use the dmm and such. Things to watch out for such as square waves (clipping).

    Any idea if forums will ever revolutionized to side Video Tutorials to each instructional thread sticky? -.-
    It could be multiple videos from different users to the same topic too!

    Sure a full detailed text explanation is nice, but what good is it when one cannot read? For instance, say an uneducated person from compton (a made up person named Foday) decides to get a ******* car system and doesn't want to go to a shop to have it hook up because he knows he's uneducated and will get scammed. He decides to go to the library (he has no computer or internet connection at home) to use the internet so that he can learn how to install his equipment.
    He goes on google and types "how to do the big 3 caraudio" about 4 links down from the top, he sees a link to " ".
    He then clicks the link and then realizes that he can't read.
    He shouts, "where the god **** pictures?" and "wtf is a chassis?'.
    He picks up his phone and calls his homeboy Rossco.
    "yo rossco, you know how to hook up car audio?"
    Rossco: "no homie, I can't even read".
    A week later, Foday goes to Best Buy to get everything sorted out. He gets tricked into buying a lot of crap and was charged mucho dinero to have his stuff installed.

    As you can see, Foday would have been able to hook up his car system on his own if there were video tutorials contributed by the community on the forum for these "sticky instructional threads".

    But anyways, the point of this whole thread is, will there ever be a day where there will be a car audio community that provides a lot of full detailed videos on how to do installs and such?

    Imagine if someone of the community works for best buy or something. It would be a pretty good constribution if he video tapes how his installs are done.

    That way, we'll get to see many car installations and how to take certain panels of the car off and such.

    Bleh. I'm just really bored right now. So I decided to type all of this random thoughts out -.-

    *watches this thread die as if it was never posted*

    I guess the downside to having this sort of thing one day is that a lot of car audio shops would go out of business
    because now they not only have to worry about the educated people who can read but also the average non readers from the ghetto such as "Foday"

    ok, I'm done typing now

    Another interesting thing is, "video bloggs". Video bloggs of hardcore installers in this community giving their opinions on their subs/amps would be cool.

    Online car audio companies should make video reviews of their products too! has some but I can't remember what they were about.

    ****. I wasted a lot of yah bandwith with all of that text. My bad =P
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