Alright so, in my new grand going to be buying a new system with my tax return and christmas money. I pretty much know exactly what I want to go with..Theres still a few this or thats im really not sure about.

In my sig you can see what I had in my 00 monte carlo, and with that setup I did 143.9 at an IASCA event in york PA, first and only run I did, i also won SQ and was known to have a bangin system.

heres what im considering and why, any imputs and flames are more then welcomed.

Headunit: AVIC D3, AVN 5510

Eclipse will probably sound better, the AVIC will look more OEM though and be cleaner overall. Plus, I like the whole no moving parts thing. I like the way the avic looks, but im told that the eclipse will sound 100% better.

Amps: Kicker ZX1500.1, Kicker ZX850.4

Hands down I love kicker, for me, cant beat the price (CC Discount). Not sure if i need an 850.4 to push components and 6x9s though.

Components: Kicker SS 6.5''s / Diamond Hexes //?

Again, price wins on the kickers. I had the diamonds in the monte and they sounded amazing. also, if anyone has a reccomendation that would be cool too. Im not looking to go active or anything.

Subs: ?

looking for 1 12''..that can take 1500-1800rms @ 2..ported box 2.2-2.5 tuned to 34hz.

any other suggestions or things i left out lol