Hia peepz,

This is the dutch guy again (was off for like 3 or 4 months, formally known as epocz) who had his car measured with the following equipment in it:

2 caliber tweeters (25w rms)
2 jbl gto 16x9 speakers (100w rms)
1 pg qx 90.2
1 pg qx 180.2
1 gto-6000 (600.6 actual ... rated 1100w)
2 pioneer something 75w rms front speakers, 2-way
1 CB250e sub box from JBL rated 250w rms @ 2o
1 caliber qx3 filter (replaces bass equalizer of the gto amp and offers remote eq, freq and levelling)

Wiring is 25 round all the way and the cables are shielded with aluminium to prevent signal jumping (my car aint the wide so i have real little room to separate cables, this does the same).

I get an official report next saturday (will scan) because then they will measure with an official db meter (the one used now should be okay but is not official), the current one stated a 134.2 db output (note that i only power the sub with 250w rms).

The guy in the shop said it was more max then he heart thusfar, i also severly kicked a RF car running at 500rms.

Think dynamat and welding does more then i thought

So to go back into the old days:

thanks to audiolife and ramos for the always good advice !