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Reload Thread: need to talk to some 1 whos know alot about auto charging systems

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    need to talk to some 1 whos know alot about auto charging systems

    i called all the local shoprs that deal with alternators and only 1 store was able to help me out, they said he highest they can rewind my current alternator is to 130amps now its only 105amps should i pay the 80 bucks to get it winded up to 130amps? i already got 2 farad caps in my system and they dont really help all that much but its better then when i didnt have them, also the stores says they dont make an aftermarket hig amp alternator for my car? i got 99 contour how is that theres no aftermarket product 4 my car?

    2 punch hx2 12s
    1 1000.1 rockford mono amp
    4 rockford 5x7's
    1 rockford punch 250x4
    1 1farad rockford digital cap
    1 0.5farad rockford digital cap

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    Well if you can handle ASE certification, I can help you with this dilemna.

    Rewinding your existing alternator up to 130 amps for $80.00 would be a smart move. The reason you are not seeing any results with your caps is because they are dependant upon the alternator for power. The alternator can not keep up with your power demands as well as the cars. A cap is meant to only provide a brief burst of power- not to maintain the systems power integrity.

    Also true, is that there are not a lot of aftermarket parts available for your particular car. I browsed through the basic resources, Summit, JC Whitney, PAW, Jegs, Nopi, etc- Short of an exahst, ignition, and intake- there was little else.

    You may want to give a try, as they custom build alternators. However, right now your best option is to rewind your current alt to 130 amps. This should resolve your charging problems. And at $80, this is a fair price considering the case size of your alt.

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