Just picked up my new to me F350 crew cab but sad to say there is not too much room for subs. I think the biggest box I can get is 64"L x 16"H x 8" bottom and 3" top, giving me 2.10 ft^3 with 3/4" MDF. Doesn't appear to be much room to move or lift the seat or anything really so I think I am stuck with this volume. However the real killer is the most I can get for mounting depth is 5.75" for a 10 and 5-7/16" for a 12.

Looking for suggestions on what to put in this area, also if anyone has advice on working with these superduties for front stage and what not it would be greatly appreciated.

Right now I am trying to choose between these two subs:

Phoenix Gold (some combination of 10's or 12's)

Kicker CVT (most likely 3 10's)

Some crazy 8s setup would be cool too but not too sure what I can get. I would be open to the idea of some setup involving 4 8's. Looking for about 1000-1500+ watts for the whole setup and lets say a budget of $500-600 for substage.