I am curious if you ever decided to venture into home audio equipment? I am at a point in my car audio "career" if you will, where I am looking for more of less and pretty much settled in on what I have as car audio.

When I get out of school, I will be spending much more time at home. Hopefully, I will aquire a girlfriend that I actually take home and watch movies with and so forth. I find the current offerings of home audio equipment either over priced or over complicated.

I would figure things like DVD players and such would be out of the question, but I would think things like 3.1 receivers, plate amps, and such would have some demand.

We are already comfortable with your products and I would not hesistate to make a purchase. I like the "close" relationship this forum facilitates. If one of you guys came out with a 3.1 receiever and a plate amp, I am sure it would sell pretty well.

I see this community as one getting older and home audio products are the next logical step in my view. I anticipate spending more time at home...thus home audio products would be in demand.

If you ever look at the home audio portion, I hardly ever see "Y vs. X." I always see "where do I start". I think this is a pretty good opportunity...maybe some prebuilt things as well...I don't know much about crossover building and everything I see that comes from madisound is freaking huge and guady.

I just wanted to know what you thought and stuff. Thanks for you time.

The reason why this is in general instead of home audio is for traffic reasons. I don't know if Jacob, et al has even considered it...if they didn't they wouldn't even vistit the home audio section.