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Reload Thread: Mixing Tweets with x-overs

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    Mixing Tweets with x-overs

    k, just found out one of my tweeters blew, so i'm kinda in a bad mood . So, i was wondering if i couldn't get a new matching tweet if i could buy a pair and just swap the old ones out. i know that if i swapped it wouldn't be the same because of the x-overs, but will it still sound fine in most cases?

    any input is helpful.

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    As long as the x-over point isn't too low for the new
    tweeters you'll be fine.
    If the x-over point is too low you could cause damage to
    your new tweeters.
    Just look for tweeters with about the same reccomended
    x-over freq as your current tweeters and you should be fine.

    If you have the means to power an additional tweeter.
    After you get your new tweeters. Take your old tweeter that was
    still good and dash mount it to raise the soundstage. You could
    use one of the x-overs that come with your new tweeter on the
    old one.

    Just an idea.

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