Hi, I'm doing this for a buddy of mine.
He has an Aiwa HU with Rear RCA outputs. He has been having problems with his amp not turning on. I went and I hooked it up in my car, with 6 (?) gauge wiring. It wouldn't turn on until I plugged the RCA inputs into the amp, so this tells me the amp is input sensative.

I dcecked his wiring behind his deck, and its clean. His fuses are good, and when I tapped the power and ground wires (4 gauge) I got spark. I am using a remote wire ran directly from the power wire as a test.

He just got brand new RCA cable to run, and that didnt help either.

What the hell is the problem?

I think it mite be the HU, not kicking power out to the RCAS. Does this sound like it might be it, and how can i check it?

Oh, and if he cant get it to work, is it possible to wire a 12W3 D6 to it so it wont shut down? I think i can get the amp for about $25...HURRAH. Maybe a midbass amp....