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    Alternator questions (zane, ramos???)

    i have a major dimming problem in my car and since a cap or new battery won't help since my alternator is so weak, i was just wondering how much it would cost for me to rewind it. i have a 00 honda civic and i believe it has a 60 amp alternator. i'm looking to have it rewound to 100 or 120 amps, can i do this and how much? i dont really kno too much about this alternator stuff, so a run down would be nice. i was looking thru the web and saw that alternators run for like 300-700 bucks, but i found a 100 amp alternator on ebay for like 120-130. can i just drop that one in on ebay and rock? or do i need to buy something else? it seems kind of odd cuz the price difference is so big. any help here would be appreciated. thank you.

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    The actual rewind price is contingent upon several variables- material used, current requirement, case size, etc. A standard rewind here can range anywhere in the neighborhood of $45-$300.

    You do have a fairly popular car, so finding a direct bolt on alternator should not be too much trouble.

    Check out , , , .

    Concerning the alternator you found on e-bay- just make sure it is one that will fit your car- not all alternators are suitable for all applications.

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