Just thought I would introduce myself. used to be in the business in the late 90's. just now getting back into the hobby. current new car's system was leaving something to be desired. and suddenly I was digging up old copies of CA&E and doing searches on what the latest gear was. will be looking for some help in the near future, but for those brain stormers out there, here is what the current project is: a 2008 Audi TT Coupe non Bose. System goals will be OEM+ style interation, utilizing factory HU. most likely use a cleansweep to sort out signal sourcing, and have a preference to quart speakers. door panels can accommodate a 3 way set up. below are the factory speaker sizes. give me your suggestions!

200mm driver/midrange 25mm tweeter
midrange accomodation (bose factory)
165mm driver/midrange 25mm tweeter
Center fill:
50x110mm mid/tweeter combo
factory Bose sub is 130mm