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Reload Thread: maybe U can help me out,got some ?'S bout about ports and ground wires

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    maybe U can help me out,got some ?'S bout about ports and ground wires

    maybe U can help me out,got some ?'S bout about ports and ground wires
    ok 1st. im goin to build a ported enclosure for my punch hx2s
    i have always owned sealed boxes, never tryed a ported box,so ive been told i would most likly like the way it sounds if i dont i still got the sealed as a back up,NOW i see some ported boxes with just 1 port on each side of subs and i see some with 2 per each side is there a differance good or bad? plus i wana tune my box any suggestions on what it should be,im more interested in spl then sq i woulda loved to get some better subs for spl but i had to make do with what i got.,
    ok ?# 2, i wana run a ground block for 2amps and 2 caps i will have 2awg comin out getting grounded and like 4 4awg goin into the block is this good or bad? im trying to have all my equitment rockford, i saw some people with this ''ground block 'setup be4 just woundering if this is good?
    i am goin to be running a 1farad cap to my 1000.1rf mono amp and a 0.5 to my punch 250 are to many caps good or bad? mind u this is all of a stock alternaor for now
    thankz for reading

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    Well As for your ported box.

    Ported boxes have to be tuned by someone that nows what there doing. and they must be alot bigger.

    Ported boxes offer some other problems if you are a amethur.

    As for using all rockford. I'd go with a cheaper Non- electronic products and pay to get the box built.

    and with the ground wire and caps. It all sounds fine. But I would make sure I have a good battery If I was you... Everstart Maxx, Stinger, Die Hard Gold, and My Fav. Optimum.

    Any other Q's or for more details email me at [email protected]

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