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    What do you think?

    This is what i'm getting installed at a local shop--

    My Car---1998 Honda Accord Sedan

    1. HU--- Pioneer DEH7300 --- Already installed
    2. Amps--- (1) JBL BP1200.1--- for subs
    (1) JBL BP 180.2--- for front comps
    3. Rear stock 6x9's to the HU
    4. Subs--- (3) 12" Infinity Kappa's 120.1se --- in a pre-fab box which I'm not sure if that is a good thing from what I hear on this forum, but I'm press for time to do it myself.
    5. Comps--- Infinity Kappa 60.3cs

    My ?'s are---

    1. The shop is installing all this for $200.00. Is that a price that sounds too good? just right? too much?

    2. Any Idea how this will sound? I listen to R&B, Rap, Jazz.

    3. Can I run all this on a stock alt and battery?

    Sorry for all the silly ?'s. But I'm trying to get my feet wet. Any response would be honored and appreciated.

    All installed in South Carolina.

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    the price sounds pretty decent for all that stuff di the price include wiring?, ya i would think you should get like a1farad cap for that big *** 1200.1 jbl monster,and maybe if ya wana play on te safe side get like a 0.5farad for the other amp if this is all running of stack stuff,look into a new battery and alternator in future

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    Unregistered---thanks for your response---yes that price includes wiring. Any idea how long I might be able to run this system before I need a new battery and alternator.

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    Honda stock alternators are very small. Depending on the options that your car has, the alternator may be as small as 35 amps. I have owned 2 Accords and have found that a stock alternator will last 18-24 months (I was running a Rockford punch 360.2 and a 400.4). I wouldn't worry much about the battery unless you run your stereo with the car off. If you often play a large stereo with the car off it will run your battery down pretty low. Every time that you do that the alternator has to work very hard to bring the charge back up. Alternators are not designed to do this, only to maintain a constant charge on the battery. Not only does this wear your alternator out fast, but you will also find that your battery can't hold a charge like it use to. A bigger alternator (or have yours rewound) would be your best bet. If you play your stereo with the car off, a bigger battery along with the alternator would be a good idea too.

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