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    81 Silverado

    What's up Everyone I'm looking for advice, and opinions. I have an 81 Silverado 1/2 ton pickup. I have just finished getting a new engine and and paint and body work finished. I'm ready to build my system now.
    So far I have a Clarion Deck and Panasonic 4/10 2 ways for rear mids and alpine 3 1/2" in the dash. And 1 new Kicker Comp 10" behind the drivers seat pushed by a cheap 250 watt amp for now.

    I'm wanting opinions on how I can get 2 10" kicker comps in the cab without having my knees up into the steering wheel. I have customized my interior completely so I have some differences to work with. I have customized seats. They're like a straight seet except that the back support of the seats come up higher and I have a folding console in the middle. Everything done in tweed.
    I have a problem with me mids and highs blowing when I turn the bass up. I'm looking on advice for a CD player that allows me to adjust my treble and bass to my mids and highs on a different level from my lows. I also need a deck that will allow me to hook up (or has) a video monitor, for the DVD player that I'm looking to install in the future. Maybe even a deck that has the capablility of playing CD and DVD both would be great.
    Well I'll shut up now any advice or Ideas is helpful and welcome.
    Thanks, and
    Keep it BUMPING

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    the easiest way to keep from blowing mids and tweeters is to get a crossover and set it to only let the high and mid frequencies to the speaker that way the bass wont be an can get some that are pretty good for fairly cheap....or if you wanted to go the cheapest way possible at there is a thing called a bass blockers that jus hook up to your speaker line before they get to your speakers i have no idea how well they work but they are like really cheap and you can choose the cuttoff point.....anyways if you have any more questions email me at [email protected]

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