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    Would my idea for a new system be ok or should I keep looking?

    I am currently looking at putting together a new system. I have a friend that is working at Circuit City and would like to buy all my new components from there as they will be at warehouse prices(30-50 of tag).

    I drive a Integra hatchback so I am limited on trunk space as it is. I have installed a set of JBL GTO620's in the front and have stock in the rear. I have also installed a 8000 something Panasonic HU. After looking at the components for sell I was considering adding in:

    Poke EX3560

    Sony Xplod XM-3001SXD

    Bazooka TVB-141

    I would move the JBL's to the back and store the stock speakers, adding the Poke's to the front. I doubt anyone will see anything wrong with this. Now the reason I was thinking about the Bazooka is its very small foot print and for the size of this sub it hit rather hard. The reason I was thinking of the Xplod (here comes the flames) is that the amp is class D and can run at 300w @ 4Omz which would be in a good range on the sub.

    All comments are welcome but before you just say the Sony makes crap I am very limited in my choices as all items need come from CC. I think this setup with wiring and a 70w fuse for the amp will run some where between 500 and 600.

    Thank for you time and reading this.


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    I have did some setups from Circuit City. THey have some really good prices. Yeah your subs should bump with that amp. So I wish you good luck.

    Sony is Crap:p

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    I beleive Circuit City carries JBL power amps. If you can afford one of these (costs more than Sony, but still affordable) you would be better off. I have used Polk components and I was more than happy with them but, to get them to sound to their potential they need more power than a HU can give them. You may want to plan on a 4channel amp some where down the line.

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