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Reload Thread: Urgent!!! Help again!!! Need to buy very soon!

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    Urgent!!! Help again!!! Need to buy very soon!

    Hello... Thanks for mrray13 1st...

    More questions have popped up in my mind now... Please help me to solve them!

    Now, I got that the joystick remote is not that cool... thanks!
    But can anyone tell me which is the latest Sony CD player model? And I know there is one more cd player in the same serie that is Sony CDX-M750. How about this one compare with the cdx-m670 and cdx-m770? I heard that SonyCDX-CA850X is kind of similar too, isn't it?

    Thanks Thanks Thanks! ^.^

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    let me re-phrase. the joystick ISN"T uncool , it's just finding the right place to put it so that it works all the time. if you'll look at my signature below you'll see that i have the ca860x. it comes with the joystick and credit card remotes. there are not any controls on the headunit EXCEPT off/on, cd access, and of course cd eject(with face down). personally i like the joystick, people wonder what the hell it is!!! i have mine mounted on the passanger side of the steering wheel, just below where the gear shift is located in drive. i've got most buttons memerized to the point i don't ever have to look down or reach for the stereo. that,IMO, is way cool.just for the record my deck plays cd-r's without problems. get the m770, you won't be disappointed!!

    the differences between the m770 and the ca850x are the 850x(860x) don't have ANY controls(like said above) whereas the m770 has "soft-touch" controls on the backside of the face. also when the 850x is off you'll see a clock(not 4 sure if u can turn it off) while the m770 is a blank face.
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