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Reload Thread: New to SQ, need build help please.

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    New to SQ, need build help please.

    Hi guys, I'm in need of some assistance. I'm going to try and build my first SQ system, it's going in a '03 Dakota ext. cab. It's not for competitions, just personal use. I am intersted in obtaining the best possible imaging I can within my limited budget and speaker placement. I need to stick to basics so here's what I had in mind.

    (1) Good head unit
    (2) Front stage, 6.5" 2 way components
    (3) Rear fill, 5.25" 2 way components
    (4) Subs, has to be 2 10" shallow mounts,(thinking JL W1's??) Have .9 cubic foot per sub.
    (5) 4 way amp for components
    (6) sub amp

    Components will be in stock locations(can move tweets), subs under rear seat (2 kids have to fit back there), amps under front seats, vehicle completely sound deadened (dynomat, and undercoated).

    What I am trying to find is something I heard only once. We were listening to some Floyd, the music was not extremely loud, but it totally enveloped me, it sounded amazing. Kinda like having a really good headset on. The voice sounds like it's coming from the middle of your head and you can hear every insturment perfectly. I cannot go overboard on cost, (eg. $800.00 for a set of 6.5's is out of the question), all prices have to be reasonable. I tried searching the forums but it feels like I'm hunting in the dark, I need some light

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: New to SQ, need build help please.

    For a cabin that small, if you're going for SQ, you could ditch the rear fill and go with one sub. To get the sound I think you're going for, proper imaging would work better than adding unnecessary speakers.

    I'm not one for using all one brand just to match, but I think both the Pioneer 880, and the TS-C720PRS components are worth considering. The HU for it's clean numbers (S/N 105db, 4 volt pre-outs) and tunablity (dual 16 band eq's, capable of running a 3 way active system), and the comps for the bang for the buck performance.,00.html,00.html

    Are you restricted just by enclosure volume, or limited driver depth too? Some subs you might want to consider are the IDQ10, AA Assassin10, eD 11Ov.2, or even the JBL GTO10. Depth will be an issue for some more than others.

    There are lots of amps that are worth considering. The discontinued Phoenix Gold Xenon series has been pretty solid for a lot of people. Both the JBL GTO and Power series offer a pretty good watt/dollar ratio. Alpine is in the middle of expanding their V-Power series, and for a bit more money their PDX series offers some nice small footprints. Ive heard some mixed reviews about eDs amps, but some people swear by them.

    Hopefully that give you a few starting points to do some searches and a bunch of reading. What have you got right now, or what have you had for systems? Do you remember what the system was that produced the sound you're after?


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