Going to get a whole set of new speakers and whatnot for my car.

Recently got a 2006 tiburon se and the 200W sound system is just not doing it for me. Especially with no amp and subwoofer.

My budget is ~800-1000 without the box. I already have a guy who is going to custom make me one sealed (i dont have much trunk space and ported takes up a lot).

I listen to a lot of rock / alternative but i also will play some rap and when that happens i want my seat to shake.

I'm fine with ordering off ebay if you care to link me to stuff you see there.

So far I'm looking at CDTs for my mids/highs, diamond audios for subs, and a memphis belle for amp. I'm sort of differential to 10 and 12" subs... i think i prefer 12 over 10 but i dont mind either that much.

I like the premise of the memphis belle 16-MC1300D since it takes the place of 2 amps but it also draws 180A. Will that kill a stock alternator and battery? I only play the stereo while car is running.

So im thinking around $200ish for mids/highs, $250~ subs, $400-500 on amps.

Current outlook:

Fronts 6.5" - CDT CL-62 ($149)
Rears 6x9 - CL-6EX ($49.99)
Amp - Memphis Belle 16-MC1300D (75x4/1100x1)@4ohm/1ohm(mono) ($450)
Subs - 2 12" Diamond Audio D612D4 500W rms each ($127.45 x 2 )

im keeping the stock HU for now but will upgrade later when i start building up funds since i do go to college and i just got the new car.

Kenwood HU

I'm looking for SQL and SPL (isnt everyone?) but i know i cant have the best of both worlds in my budget range.

If that 180A draw kills the battery will a capacitor at least remedy it? Or will I have to get an optima yellow top?

I'm very open to your opinions and I would really appreciate them =] I would go to a car audio store but i dont really notice subtle differences and im pretty sick atm.