Hey guys! my first post here, even though i read around on these threads about an hour a day.
I need help. A few months back my whole system went out at once. I had a JVC SH-707 HU and a mtx blue thunder class d amp. Well all the sudden i heard some poppin noises and all channels cut out. So i checked my amp and it smelled fried. Well i pulled up to my house and pulled out the HD to wire my speakers directly to the internal amp, but when i got it out it was smelling fried also. so i hooked up all speakers to the HD interanl amp and NO POWER! I thought i just had some horrible luck and blew both out in one shot.
So about a week ago I bought a new Kenwood excelon x-590 put it in and what do u know, no power!!! WTF!! Well now im starting to think i got some kind of electrical problem. Please help i dont like sending my car into the local shops here because they know jack sh** (the main guy told me MTX was way higher quality that RE, when i told him im getting an MX 12" )
So what do you guys think? Please help me out guys I wanna get this fixed as quick as possible....Im die'n here lookin at my purrty new deck