Here i have a pair of Fosgate 12" Power HX2 subs in my car now with them in a 4.85 cu ft ported box. Here I was wanting to trade my HX2 subs in for a pair of the new 12" POWER T2's or TEAM RF subs here could i get some input on how much different and how much of a difference the POWER T2's will be from my POWER HX2's and the difference between my subs and a pair of TEAMRF subs. An what are some names of some of the mos slamin subs out there so i can do some research o those sus as well? Here for power i have 2 OPTIDRIVE 4000D amps linked togother so power isnt no concern. Here and can someone give me some advise on my current subs and box are in a dodge avenger here with my trunk poped or cracked the thing slams, but shut it looses it seems like to me 30-45% of the boom with or without the seats folded down. Any advise on something can do to stop that problem? Here THANKS e1!!