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    Crossover question

    When I set the crossover at a certain point, at what point does the music actually stop coming out of the speaker?

    Like if I have a 12db per octave crossover on the subwoofer so it starts killing frequencies at 90hz, at what point will the lowest audible frequencies play out of the subwoofer. I assume 12db per octave means that one octave higher than where the crossover point is set will sound 12db quieter, and the next octave up will be 12 more db quieter until you eventually don't hear it. So if I set a 12db per octave crossover point at 90hz on my sub, at what point can I expect to stop being able to hear sound coming from the subwoofer? At like 120hz or so?



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    You're pretty much there: An octave is either a doubling or halving of with a 12 db/octave crossover, if you set it at 90Hz, then 180Hz is 12 db softer than that of the 90Hz, and 360 Hz is 24 db softer. In laymans terms, 3 db is generally regaurded as "twice as loud." So, 12 db softer seems like eight times quieter. Make sense?

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