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Reload Thread: How do I hook up a car sub and amp to portlable boombox?

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    How do I hook up a car sub and amp to portlable boombox?

    I have an old sub and amp that I want to try and hook up to a regular boombox. Can this be done? I know i need something that would allow me to plug in my amp (which is built to take in about 12V) to a wall (which gives out 120V). What can let me do this? Also, where would I send the RCA cords from the amp? The CD/Stereo only has the four outputs for the two speakers. Also, where would the signal wire go (I don' t really know the name of the wire but I think it is usually a thin blue wire)? I'm sure if it can be done someone has already done it so can that person or persons help me. Thanks

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    If your Boombox doesnt have RCA outputs this would complicate things greatly. You would have to purchase a line level convertor. Not sure where, but Radio Shack may have something. Also you can get a 120 to 12volt convertor at radio shack to run the amps power, and remote turn on lead. as well as the ground would go to the convertor black ground terminal.I would suggest mounting the AMP and convertor onto the back of the sub box. As well as the line level convertor if necessary.Good luck....

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    where would I connect the remote turn on lead?

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    to the same place ur power is run to. you'll have to turn on the power supply (off as well) to get the amp to work

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