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Reload Thread: Whats the best way to get the loudest sound to my seat.

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    Whats the best way to get the loudest sound to my seat.

    Ok I have my two alpine Type R's 12" in my trunk facing towards the back which I found is the best. With my seat down I have extemely nice bass but with it up it rattles my rear deck along with my JL 6.5's which I dont think is good. Is there anyway to keep my seat up but get that loud bass when its down. I though of putting a port in the rear deck but im not sure if that will work and I dont want to cut a hole in my deck for nothing. What should I do? I even though about taking my 6.5's out and installing them in the side panels and leaving the cutouts for ports and putting 6.5 inch ports in place of the speakers but that would take a hell of a lot of installing to do. Any suggestions would help.

    1996 Toyota Camry LE Gold Edition (customized)
    HU- Alpine CDA-9805
    Front-6 1/2 Alpine SPR-17LP
    Rear-6 1/2 Alpine SPR-17LP
    Subs- Audiobahn AW1200Q
    Amps- mids and highs 4 channel alpine 25rms X 4.
    Amps-Sub U.S Acoustics USX800D
    Custom Slot Ported Box
    Tuned to 30 Hz

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    i looked into doing that as well (porting my rear deck...
    just one little problem..
    you then turn your trunk into a huge Bandpass box...
    really messes with your acoustic properties and will more than likely make it sound like crap....
    try the R's in a ported box...

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