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    Who makes a HU like this....

    Yeah, I know it's subjective and somewhat a matter of taste. But maybe you guys can help keep me focused when I go listen. Here's what I want...

    1) Reliability - including NO SKIPPING on CD's.
    2) Good power, maybe 50 watts per channel.
    3) Volume KNOB that's easily accessible by a klutz with big fingers. Don't want Up/Down buttons, I want a real knob.
    4) Prefer having CD track select buttons that I can skip to my favorite songs without going to some stupid menu. I like to keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
    5) Great SQ of course.
    6) Good FM performance.

    Don't care about visual appeal, removable faceplates, remote control, CD Changer, blinkin' lights or scrolling messages. I like intuitive controls that don't take a rocket scientist to figger out.

    Price is not a consideration.
    What's out there?

    1999 Buick Park Ave Ultra
    Head Unit: JVC KWHDR720
    EQ: Audiocontrol EQL
    Front Stage: Hybrid Audio Technologies Imagine 5.25 mids, Morel Maximo tweets
    Sub Stage: Boston G3 10", 0.5 cu ft sealed
    Amp: PPI Phantom 900.4
    Rear Fill: Boston SE953 6X9's

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    Try clarion . I have their DXZ715 it is great ! It has a rotary knob for your volume which I like because it is easier to use (I got the same problem with big fingers ) . It is 50X4 and the SQ and reception is great . You can use the radio preset buttons to skip through tracks on your cd's as well . It also gives you plenty of options for future add ons . Hope this helps .

    Tony's 1998 RCLB C1500
    4/6 drop on 20's

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    lol @ talking about peak power...................on a hu yanno outa the top 6 manufacturers if you can tell the differance between 18 wrms and 24 wrms i will call you microphone ears

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    HU peak power

    I've always wondered how they could claim my JVC head unit is 40 by 4 channels when my Kicker 40 by 2 channel amp is almost twice the size of the head unit and doesn't have to do those pesky little things... like tune in radio stations, control a CD changer, play cassettes... and has half the channels.

    Always wondered how they could claim 40X4 on those things and get away with it. I understand it's peak power output, but still, it's misleading.
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    1988 Mustang GT
    JVC cass. w/ 12-disc changer
    Clarion 200.1 mono amp
    2 12" MTX Thunder 3000 4ohm
    Kicker 40.2 amp (for rears)
    2 Clarion 5X7 rears
    Kicker Impulse 350i fronts

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    Deck output

    You are right the 50x4 ratings are max power.. You roughly devide by 2 and you are closer to actual RMS output..Decks are fine for factory speakers but if you are planning to upgrade then get an amp. They are cleaner and louder which will help in the longevity of your speakers..something to keep in mind.


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