Any suggestions out there on the brand of deep cycle battery i should purchase/use. I have been shopping around for some time now, getting not all that much help from the local car audio stores.

I have had my system purchased for some time now, just getting around to actually getting somewhere in the install process. The vehicle i choose to get this project of the ground was a 2002 Chevy Blazer. And the brand of equipment that i choose after considering alot of options was Xtant. Now three months into the install... its had its good times and bad times to say the least. The run down of equipment i choose from Xtant to do the job is listed below.

4 Xtant 2001X
1000 X 1 Amps @ 4 ohms

2 Xtant 604X
75 X 4 Amps @ 4 Ohms

8 Xtant X215
15" subwoofers

2 sets of Xtant XSC2.5
5 1/4" seps

2 sets of Xtant XSC2.6
6 1/2" seps

And all the trimmings to go along with the mess of money i spent here.

But now im down to the point of shopping for deep cycle batteries. Any advice would be great.

I should have some pictures soon to show everyone. Hopefully the hard work and time has paied off. Thanks to all for listening and offering opinions.