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Reload Thread: are panasonic head units good????

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    are panasonic head units good????

    i dont know too much about head units and i was wanting to know if panasonic is good brand to choose? it will be powering 2 12" kove kew's. my sub dealer, Sound By Design, said it would be a great head unit to power my subs.

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    Yes Panasonic is very good choice! I have one and I love it!

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    Can you power sub's with a head unit? That just doesn't sound right to me. No you can power just with a head unit you need subwoofers and a box power wire and all kinds of stuff. The more money you spend on a headunit a box subwoofer and wire and harnesses then the better your systen will sound and from my own personal experiance your system after your all done with it will turn all of the girls heads and Yes even the guys will be impressed with you set up.

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    yes you can but I wouldnt reconmend it because it will not be as loud and voice will be going through the subs

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    DO NOT HOOK YOUR SUBS DIRECTLY TO YOUR DECK WITHOUT AN AMP. You need to hook a amp to the deck to power your subs do not rely on the less than 20 watts your deck provides. If you choose to disregard my professional advice you risk damaging your subs or even worse your deck not to mention making a fool of yourself when you take it back to the shop in which you purchased the deck and/or subs & explain why they are broken.

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    You guys are pretty retarded!!!!!!!1

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    buy the radio, but buy an amp also.

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    Hey blaine69, Shut up, not everyone knows everything about car audio.

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    if you want the best head unit you can get for the money then buy eclipse.that is the best head unit you can buy right now and has been for the longest time.

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    Why Eclipse?

    Give specifics for why YOU believe that eclipse is the best, and how long you believe that to be true.

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