Wanter to list some of the highlights of the system, and wanted the more seasoned audio enthusiast to chime in with their opinion on the potential of this system.

There was an interview done by Stereophile in regards to the new G and it's Bose Studio on Wheels


Some of the highlights
"John worked up a system that incorporated 10 speakers within the cabin. The main sound is carried in the front doors: 3" neodymium-magnet tweeter/midrange units, 1" soft-dome tweeters, and 10" neodymium-magnet woofers. The rear doors sport 6.5" full-range fill speakers, the parcel shelf boasts a 10" self-powered woofer, and there's a third 3" mid/tweeter in the center just to 'fix' the center image."
All the engineers told me we should go 5.1-channel DVD for a source, but two-channel CD is still the gold standard from a listening experience point of view, so I searched and searched for a source. I finally found one that incorporated double oversampling 24-bit/96kHz Burr-Brown DACs.

Curious as to what you guys make of it. Translate it for us not so technically inclined.