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    what would be best

    This is what I have right now...
    HU: Sony Xplod CDX-770 ES\
    Subs: 2 Alpine SWR-1540D

    This is in a 95 S-10 Ext Cab

    Going out to buy a EQ and AMP sometime in a day or 2..
    Need to know what would be the best EQ and AMP for me to get?
    I was thinking about a Memphis 1000 AMP and a Alpine ERE-G190

    Are these any good or is there something that would work better? In the a month or 2 ill be getting 2 more subs...probly the same as the 2 I already have...

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    Another amp you hould check out is the ppi's. they make some really good amps. Also like really like audiobahns amps and think they do a great job and you can get them with lots of power but i think are sometimes overrated on power. Also another great amp for the money would be the jbl power amps. Alpine does make good amps but i think there are better.

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    I am not real familar with the alpine subs and there size or quality but if they are good and you can still get another matching pair to go with what you have that might save you some cash . That way you can spend the money on the Amp and a new sub box for those 4 subs. Otherwise I would consider getting the Kicker Dual voice coil subs, that makes your wiring possibilities more flexible I.E. 1,2,4,8 OHM ALL possible. And they are sweet.

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