Hey guys, new to the forum and new to car audio somewhat also. I recently bought a new 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, the ride is great but the stereo is not. I believe the reason is to many speakers on the stock 6-disc changer head unit, which makes the sound muddy at high levels. In the past Ive used Alpine and Kicker brands and I was very pleased with their results, so I plan on using them again in this new ride of mine. I mainly listen to rock & classic rock so my goal overall is to get a clean loud sounding system at a reasonable price.

Ive already bought new Alpine 6x9s Type Rs for the doors and Im looking for 3-1/2s for the front dash and rear pillars. I plan on putting a Kicker amp on the 6x9s to take some load off the head unit and to give them more power that the head unit can not provide. I was looking into the Kicker ZX200.2, which is a 70x2 RMS 2 channel amp, my question is if I plan on adding a single sub later can I add it to this amp in a tri-way mode which I know it is capable of doing and still have it sound good over all? I know about high & low pass crossovers and plan on using them in this scenario if I go this route. Anyone see any problem with this or would I be better off getting a 4 channel amp and bridging the 2 channels for the sub and taking the other 2 channels for the 6x9s?

Thanks for any input.